Project Description

A documentary film

An apotheosis of the human knowledge and ability to subjugate and direct the destructive power of fire in the process of the work. The attractive sequences, fulfilled with sparks flowing everywhere, gives the film additional poetical depth, for which, the most worthy is, beside the director and screenplay writer Stole Popov, the cinematographer Misho Samoilovski, too, merited and awarded for his exceptionally well done work.
Short Description

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Here you can see the whole documentary film “Fire” by the Director Stole Popov. This movie is the HD digital version of the original film which was released in honor of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, by the Macedonia’s Cinematheque and it is a part of the DVD collection with seven digitally remastered films – work of art of the prominent director, Stole Popov. You can read more about this luxurious collection of Popov’s feature and documentary films here