The Film Director

Stole Popov was born 1950 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. Graduated film directing at the Academy of Theatre, Film & Television in Belgrade.
From 1978 to 1988 he worked as a film director in “Vardar Film”, and from 1985 to 1986 he performed the duty manager of this production company. Currently a film directing professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje and chief of Film Directing Studies.
One of the founders of the first private producing company “Triangle”, in 1988.
Member of European Film Academy since 1997.
Stole Popov has won over 50 high European and World Awards and significant recognitions, particularly stand out 8 Grand Prix’s at different International festivals and two nominations, for “Oscar” (American Film Academy) and “Felix”  (European Film Academy)

Stole Popov's short biography


FIRE (film)
(documentary) – 1974

Gold Medal – Yugoslav Film Festival, Belgrade; Grand Prix – Tuzla, Bosnia
Yugoslav candidate for Oscar Nomination

Australia, Australia
(documentary feature film) – 1976

Grand Prix – Gold Medal – Yugoslav Film Festival, Belgrade
Yugoslav candidate for Oscar Nomination

 Dae (film)
(documentary) – 1979

OSCAR Nomination in 1979, American Film Academy
Grand Prix – World Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany
Grand Prix – Balkan Film Festival- Ljubljana,Slovenia
Silver Boomerang – Melbourne, Australia
Gold Medal – Yugoslav Film Festival, Belgrade
Special Diploma – London, England

The Red Horse
(feature film) 1980

Macedonian National Award, Skopje; International Film Guide ’83 – Best World Selection – London
Film on the Balkans – Anthology of 24 films, Dina Jordanova, London
Farewell Yugoslavia – Viennale ’93, Anthology of 33 films, Vienna

Happy New ’49
(feature film) – 1986

Grand Prix – Golden Arena at the Yugoslav Film Festival – Pula, Croatia
Grand Prix – Porto Alegre, Brasil; Milton Manaki – Critics Award
Golden Gladiator – Award of the Yugoslav Film Academy
Yugoslav candidate for Oscar Nomination
Anthology of Middle European Film – Sasa Petrovic, FEST Belgrade
Farewell Yugoslavia – Viennale ’93, Anthology of 33 films, Vienna
Grand Prix – Yugoslav Actors Film Festival – Nis

(feature film) – 1992

FELIX Nomination in 1992 – European Film Academy
Grand Prix – Yugoslav Film Festival, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Grand Prix – Yugoslav Actors Film Festival, Nis
Macedonian candidate for Oscar Nomination
Farewell Yugoslavia – Viennale, 93 Anthology of 33 films, Vienna

Gypsy Magic
(feature film) – 1997

Grand Prix – Antigone d’Or- Mediterranean Film Festival, Montpellier, France;
Jury Award – International Film Festival, Izmir, Turkey
Best Selection 1997 – European Film Academy, Berlin



Skopje, Leb i sol – music video, 1988

Grand Prix – Yugoslav Video Festival, Belgrade

Gipsy song

Gipsy song Vlatko Stefanovski – music video, 1998

Best Macedonian Music Video – Skopje

International Film Festivals

San Sabastian, Montreal, Montpellier, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Madrid, Munich, Cairo, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm, Oberhausen, Belgrade, Melbourne, Porto Alegre, Izmir, Puerto Rico, Moscow, Valensia, Brussel, Pula, Malme, Hong Kong, Budapest, London, Berlin, Herceg Novi, Vienna, Lille, Stuttgart,
Vancouver, Uppsala …

Some of Stole Popovs awards Copenhagen, Danish Film Festival


Filming of "99" with Dzadzev and Samuilovski
With Branko Lustig
With bata Zivojinovic
With Zika Pavlovic

with Ron Holloway
1978 in Split filming Red Horse

Some of Stole Popov’s Best Work Is Featured Below.