Music videos directed by Stole Popov


Leb i sol – music video, 1988
Grand Prix – Yugoslav Video Festival, Belgrade

Avideo by “Leb I Sol” and song dedicated to Skopje. Timeless music! I guess its visual imprint could have been a tedious panoramic reflection of the city on the Vardar. However, the visual counterpart of that timeless music has also become a timeless creation! A rounded-off artistic ellipse! The soul of the city, the soul of its people, the rhythm of everyday life, trust, hope, love – all of it poured into four minutes. It takes a master to create a portrait of a city in that space of time and music. And it was no coincidence that in 1987 the video won the best music video award at the JRT Belgrade Festival. And in it, in a fraction of a second, there appears the author himself, Stole Popov (who, in fact, in a genuine Hitchcock style, shows up in all his films for one brief moment).

Gipsy Song

Vlatko Stefanovski – music video, 1998
Best Macedonian Music Video – Skopje

Budi dobar kao sto sam ja

Maja Odzaklievska – music video, 1998